Saturday, September 15, 2012

Who Is Most Loyal Sports Player

   The most loyal sports player ever , who is it , what sport did they play , and why?
 First of all , it depends on what sport you like and what sports you follow. Who plays for their self , their team , and their fans the hardest? Personally , Michael Jordan is to me the most loyal player to play ever! Bet you didn't see that one coming haha. He played 1,072 regular season career games , it's not the all time record but think about it. I didn't choose him because of his all time records by far but because how he loved the game , it wasn't a job to him , it was what he was passionate about. 

    There are plenty of people who show up and give their all to games. Allen Iverson is another person who came out and played every game as it was his last. Just a small personal opinion on who is the most loyal person to play sports. Loyalty is the 1st thing to grow as a person , group , or team. Without it you are stuck in a canoe going upstream with no paddle. There are many great ways to start your day off and discussing who everyone in the world thinks is the most loyal sports player is an awesome way! So if you follow ANY sports leave your opinion for the world to know!


  1. Here is a story I read recently that I found astonishing. Logan Mankins is an offensive lineman for the New England Patriots. Last year he tore his acl in his left knee in the first game of the season. He went on to start every game last season. He then tore his mcl in his other knee during the patriots playoff game. He finished that game as well. I don't believe I have ever heard of an Nfl player playing a single snap after tearing a ligament in their knee, let alone play an entire season. I am not a patriot fan at all but how could I not be a Logan Mankins fan after reading that. If that's not loyalty then I don't know what is.

    1. Thanks for the response man i like where you are coming from! That is a very valid point though to say , I am a football fan I like pittsburgh though. If you follow basketball maybe you seen the Jordan game in 97 when he had the flu during the playoff game but continued to play and dominate.
      Jordan Sick
      You can tell he is down right sick but goes out there and gives his all! Thanks for joining in on the question man , everyone has a different opinion!