Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Does Your Thinking Process Work?

The Thinking Process

To learn the way someone thinks or the root of their thinking you have to keep an open mind. It Can help you in many ways threw out  life in all different types of situation. It will help you predict, avoid or even better understand the outcome of an situations good or bad. I will try to have you explore the thought process of an average 27 year old male. Keep in mind this is no 48 laws of power break down (Which is a book for those that don’t know). Neither was I a kid who was sheltered all his life with all the cool video games. That’s me trying to make a joke haha .( Ugh anyway). I grew up in a good household with a strong mother (who was very loyal to her kids and job)and with a crazy sister also. 

So for me when it comes to a situation that causes deep thought I always try to ask many questions to myself first to help me break down the event. First off what is happening at the present time? Also, what’s the personalities and thinking processes of the others involved? That’s what I do to help figure out which way to best approach what is going on. For me a lot of times when I go in blind I tend to assume or get mislead by others. (Depending on what is known at the time) Not that anyone else knows all the time, just something that goes on in my head. By reading this I hope you get a better understanding of your own thinking process, or of those close to and around you. Like anything it will take much hard work and practice, but soon you will be able to learn the pros and cons of your own thinking process.
Thinking Proceess

The pic above shows how the people with degrees say how you should start with your thinking process . Let me give you a little info on that. They say that when we approach a situation or a decision, we most likely adopt a set of specific strategies that are characteristics of a certain thinking process. Each of us has a preference for one of five processes, so they say. While each process is useful in a given situation, each can be a disaster if overused or used inappropriately.

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