Friday, September 28, 2012

Left And Right Brain Thinking

Ever wondered how your brain works? Here is a quick lesson on the way the left-brain and the right-brain control one body.
   They way those who have studied human brains say that it has two hemispheres, and each performs specific function. The right side of the brain is thought to govern the motor functions of the left side of the body. It is also the side that performs "natural" mental function, such as intuitions, pattern recognition, nonverbal communication, playfulness, general idea, and the like.
   The left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body, and the "rational" functions of logic, calculation, verbal articulation, structured observation, analysis, and so forth.
   The evidence that support their claim is from work with drain-impaired patients. In sum, the evidence suggests that the people who had damage to the left side of the brain suffer losses of speech, writing ability, and the ability to perform logical calculation. They continue, to function normally in terns of non rational activities. Damage to the right side of the brain results in loss of the nonverbal skills, such as humor, color sensitivity, and intuition.
   Left - brain dominant people operate as an analyst and realist. Right-brain dominant people tend to use those strategies that we have called Idealist and Synthesist. They would expect accountants and engineers to be strongly left-brain, poets and writers to be right-brain. Of course not all the time but, these tendencies do indeed occurs.


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