Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Keeping Loyal Customers and Why

       Customers that are loyal seem to purchase more. In most businesses 20% of the customers purchase 75% or more of the products from them. It cost 4 or 5 times more to catch a new customer than it does to keep your loyal ones.


          Good loyal customers are the ones who will tell everyone about your business and continue to buy  from you and support what you are doing for a lifetime , as long as you can stay loyal to them also. Make sure to be a straight shooter but also try and build a nice , comfy working relationship with your customers. Always be polite and very , very friendly to them at all times. Being able to have good relationships within your small business is one of the greatest assets to your company you could have.

     Make sure you resolve conflicts and complaints in a timed fashion. Customers will show increased loyalty do to trust gains with how you handle the situations. Depending on what your business is , start a friend referral program or discounts for loyal customers with a card possibly to ensure the building blocks of loyalty.

      Be sure not to be a steady bother to your customers or come off as pushy for your sales but also be considerate. Ask them how the products are or how the shipping ended up , even occasionally send some Happy Thanksgiving Emails to them. Making customers feel valued and showing general interest into the well being of them are known to increase the loyalty between you and the customer.

          Having the best products or inventory is never going to get you a loyal base of customers , having good products and backing it up with your customer service and compassion will boost the loyalty factor always. The brand name alone isn't enough. What we have went threw in this article are all ways to increase loyalty between you and the customer , but in a business nothing can be guaranteed , so the customer service and relationships with your products and you should slowly grow you some loyal customers.

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