Thursday, September 13, 2012

Examples of Loyalty

           What do you define loyalty as? I will ask it time and time again , when you say I keep it 100 , I am loyal. What type of scenarios call for loyalty and when do you show it , and who are you loyal to?
Loyalty , to sum it up , means to show someone you are there for them at all times good and bad , up and down. Your employer , are they loyal to you? Also , are you loyal to them?


         Loyalty doesn't mean just showing up to work or hanging out with your friends , it's deeper than that. It means being there for whatever and whenever if your needed and when your not also.
Say your friends car broke down and he needs a ride but you are doing something already. Would you stop what you are doing for them if you are loyal to your friends or do you blow it off and tell them you are busy? Would they do it for you in the same scenario? Let's go with a work place incident , I work at a hotel called the Emerald Grande . I make sure I'm here on time everyday , show initiative to get extra work done around the hotel. Loyalty goes both ways when it comes to business and it can benefit both me , the employee , and the corporation. The employee feeling involved in the success of the company and rewarded for hard work benefits , where as the the company has low turnover with loyal employees.

        In March 2011 , the government estimated around 2 million people just up and quit their jobs. Companies all over can benefit from the 2 way loyalty to not join that number in the years to come. Loyal employees for a business often have their friends fill out applications because of how they feel about their jobs.
       In another aspect , loyal employees that stay to a company after a pay cut because the company takes care of them as far as hours , benefits , or possibly vacation time. Or it could be a soldier in a war that becomes a P.O.W , but does not reveal anything to the opposing forces. Showing loyalty to his country and to his people. Could be a shopper at a gas station or grocery store but likes how he is treated or the deals they offer. When your husband or wife stands besides you when you are going through hard times shows alot of loyalty. Loyalty comes into play everywhere in life if you really think about it. Loyalty is needed point blank period!!


  1. Too many people have forgotten what loyalty is, and even more never knew loyalty from the start. Loyalty to me is faith, commitment and trust just to list a few. Faith that whatever you have loyalty to will never foresake you. A commitment to doing whatever you can to keep that. Trusting that that what you believe in is right

    1. Awesome Answer bro thanks for the comment ! Glad someone out there still believes in it

  2. wow that helped allot on my home work you are amasing

  3. Dear Anonymous. . . Please spell a lot.....NEVER "allot". Your teacher may fail you!!!!!

  4. Dear Anonymous. . . Please spell a lot.....NEVER "allot". Your teacher may fail you!!!!!

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